Mares Of Diomedes



Mares of Diomedes are a two piece from Ireland consisting of two brothers who started the band in 2014 and released their first self-titled EP; through Heavy Earth Records in early 2015.


Following their EP release, they will release a new split record with Copenhagen based purveyors of bleak doom Dreich. The split consists of two tracks from due Mares of Diomedes and three tracks from the juggernaut known as Dreich. The split is definitely a must-have for any fans of doom, fuzz or sludge metal.


Sludgelord - bone rattling doom that is on par with the best in the genre


Wonderbox Metal - This is fuzzed-up and harsh, with colossal riffs drenched in distortion being unleashed like they are going out of fashion. With memorable stoner/doom metal riffs, a fat sludgy sound and very tasty vocals, these two songs are remarkably catchy and memorable.














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