By Heavy Earth Records, Aug 2 2016 10:53AM

The next installment on Heavy Earth Records is a split from Copenhagen based purveryors of bleak metal/doom Dreich and Irish sludge/doom brothers Mares of Diomedes.

Followers of Heavy Earth will be familiar with Mares of Diomedes from their self titled EP which was released through Heavy Earth records last year. Here is a preview of one of the new tracks - Titan


Four piece Dreich are new to the fold and come together on this debut release to summon some of the bleakest, most horrid, heavy sounds around. Check out a preview of their new track Blood Mortar here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RplxsC1748

Vinyl pre-oders are now available for the Mares Of Diomedes/Dreich split through the Heavy Earth Records site, with cassette and cd soon to follow. The release date for all formats is due on the 12th of September.

(Mares of Diomedes were recorded and mixed by Niall Doran at Start Together Studios (http://nialldoran.com/) and mastered by Magnus Lindberg Productions.Dreich were recorded, mixed and mastered by Lasse @ Ballade Studios, Copenhagen.(http://www.balladestudios.com/). The artwork is by Francesca Vecchio (https://www.facebook.com/PQSkotia) and the layout by Emmett Connell Creative(www.facebook.com/emmettconnellcreative)

By Heavy Earth Records, Apr 27 2016 08:41AM

Upcoming Release Update!!

Exciting news! As promised, we now bring you a preview of the first track to be released by Copenhagen based doomsters Dreich! This is the first of three crushing tracks that Dreich will be bringing to their side of the split release with Mares Of Diomedes.

The split is due to be released on vinyl , cassette and digital through Heavy Earth Records.The wheels are now in motion to get everything off to press and a pre-order will be made available closer to the date of release.

The Artwork on the split is by Italian artist Francesca Vecchio.. Check out her other work here - https://www.facebook.com/PQSkotia

Both Dreich and Mares of DIomedes have particularly awesome shows coming up over the next while. Dreich will be playing with MANTAR and on the 5th of May in Copenhagen, as well as with Dopethrone on the 26th of July.

Next week Mares of Diomedes will be playing two shows in Scotland alongside the mighty Samothrace. In Aberdeen on the 3rd with Drencher and Edinburgh on the 4th with Headless Kross, The Moth, and Conjurer

Check out their pages for links to the events and more info!


By Heavy Earth Records, Apr 27 2016 08:38AM

Upcoming Release Update!!

We are excited to announce that the next release on Heavy Earth Records will be a split between Mares Of Diomedes and Copenhagen based purveyors of doom Dreich. The split is due to be released on vinyl, cassette and digital(date TBC)

This will be the first release from Dreich who formed recently in 2015. In the words of the band, "Dreich is an expression of the suffering of the human condition on this mortal coil. The oath was sworn and the allegiance is kept by four wretched souls brought together by forces unknown to summon: the bleak, the heavy, the horrid, the animalistic and the energy and beauty within darkness.

In sonic ritual Dreich conjure hypnotic rhythms and entrance their fiendish victims."

The tracks from Mares of Diomedes are their second instalment on Heavy Earth Records, following on from their self titled debut EP - available here - https://www.heavyearthrecords.com/shop.

The Artwork on the record is by Italian artist Francesca Vecchio. Check out her other work here - https://www.facebook.com/PQSkotia

Leading up to the release we will be previewing a track from each of the bands. First up is Mares of Diomedes - "Titan"

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